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June 2022 Communications Link



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March 2022 Communications Link

F R O M  T H E  D I R E C T O R S :
Spring is around the corner, the days are longer and temperatures are
going in the right direction. Children are enjoying getting outside, playing
in the snow and getting fresh air. As John Muir said, “Spring work is going
on with joyful enthusiasm.”
Enthusiasm is evident in our Head Start classrooms and on home visits
with families. Children and families are learning and growing! Everyone is
hopeful to see COVID levels decreasing in our communities. We’ve worked
hard this year to remain open for services while keeping children, families
and staff safe..... Click here to read more!

December 2021 Communications Link

A Note from the Directors

.This is our official newsletter of the school year. It’s been another whirlwind year with COVID-19 continuing to impact our service delivery. We are thankful for our dedicated and resilient staff that are willing to take this ride with us. We couldn’t do any of this without them. This summer we were able to provide summer school at many of our Head Start locations thanks to the stimulus funding. This additional programming provided children with rich educational opportunities, outdoor curriculum activities, and tons of fun! Keeping children, families and staff safe continues to be our priority as we navigate another COVID surge and variant. Many centers were able to upgrade facilities by replacing old HVAC systems, adding air conditioning, updating playgrounds, creating additional staff/child space, and other enhancements that will help keep our environments safe. Click here to read more!

March 2021 Communications Link

A Note from the Directors

A year ago, COVID-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic and forever changed our daily lives. This past year has put into perspective the resiliency of CESA 11
Head Start. There are many lessons to be learned from the statewide shutdown and slow reopening of our programs. Any challenge/problem can be handled when you have dedicated people willing to take it on, bounce back and
persevere........Click here to read more!

September 2020 Communications Link

From the Directors . . .
From the Directors August 2020
WELCOME BACK! We are so excited to reopen our Head Start centers in the coming weeks. It has been a roller coaster since we closed our doors in mid March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
A big “THANK YOU” to all of the CESA 11 Head Start staff for their ingenuity and quick response in switching to a virtual platform when Governor Ever’s Stay-at-Home order went into effect. Staff were able to continue serving children and families remotely for the remainder of the school year......

May 2020 Communications Link

From the Directors:
This spring has presented an unprecedented time in the history of our county. We have all been faced with a great deal of uncertainty. It is with great pride that we can share that the mission and vision of CESA 11 Head Start continues to be our beacon of light that leads our work during this time.
Mission: Empower, Support, Educate, and Lead
Vision: To create a healthy environment that will enable staff, parents, and children to learn and grow to make a positive impact within their communities.
In the last 5 weeks, CESA 11 Head Start has shifted to a virtual preschool program for children and families. Teachers, home visitors, family resource providers, and teaching assistants continue to engage children and families. Teachers/TA’s are using a variety of platforms to provide >...

March 2020 Communications Link

From The Directors
March 2020
It is true that spring is upon us and soon we will see the snow melting, warmer days, and trees begin to bud.
As the seasons transition and change, so are our children. They have been working hard since the beginning of the school year developing new skills that will prepare them for their next school transition. During the month of March and April both Early Head Start Home-Visitors and Head Start teachers are planning transition activities. Children who are transitioning....

February 2020 Communications Link

From the Directors . . .
Children and families grow and change throughout the program year. Staff observe, encourage, and document this growth to be able to share the information with parents/guardians a minimum of 3 times per year. Baseline data was collected in the fall with the next checkpoint coming in February. Staff will be analyzing this data and then sharing results with parents at conferences and on home visits. Family service staff will be.....

December 2019/January 2020 Communication Link

From the Directors . . .

December is the time of year when we stop to reflect on where we’ve
been and begin making plans on where we want to be. Many of us
make New Year’s resolutions, and some of us keep them! 2019 was
a year of change, challenge, and chance. The program developed
collaborations with the Turtle Lake, Barron, and Cadott School
Districts, moving 3 yr old classrooms into district buildings and
continuing a 4K collaboration in the Cadott.....

November 2019 Communication Link

From the Directors . . .
The months fly by and the seasons change. It has been a beautiful fall full of bright colored leaves and some sunny days.
In each newsletter, we always mention and praise our hard working, kind staff. This month we would like to feature the people that keep things running smoothly: OUR CENTER DIRECTORS....

October 2019 Communicaton Link

From the Directors . . .
There are so many wonderful things happening each day at CESA 11 Head Start. This
is only because we have a dedicated team of staff who put forth their very best effort
to ensure children and families have a positive experience. The work is not easy; it
can be very challenging taking a toll on staff. We continue to focus on the health and
wellness of staff by trying an innovative approach to acknowledge the importance of

June 2019 Communication Link

The end of the year is always mixed with emotions. Excitement for summer and warmer (hopefully) weather, sadness as teachers say good-bye to their classroom, anxiety/happiness as families’ transition to other programs and new teachers. This year was frustrating (think snow days) but wonderful (look at the faces of the children!). Many changes will occur this summer....

May 2019 Communications Link

From the Directors . . .
Spring is here and with it comes many changes, both in the outside environment
and within our internal programming. CESA 11 Head Start has received
additional funding from the Office of Head Start to provide extended day
services to 3K and 4K children at Rice Lake, Menomonie, and New Richmond
Head Start. Rice Lake and Menomonie will transition from half-day double session
3K to two full-day classrooms. Both centers will undergo some
renovations that will occur this summer........

April 2019 Communications link

April Showers Bring May Flowers! Spring is finally here and we could not be happier. Children and staff can finally spend more time outdoors without all of the heavy winter gear. This month Head Start Policy Council members and families will visit Madison for “The Wisconsin Head Start Advocacy Day” at the State Capitol. Parents are able to meet with and share their Head Start stories with legislators. Parent testimonies are powerful to hear, giving deeper meaning to the work that we do.

February 2019 Communications Link

From the Directors . . . Happy New Year! It is always amazing how fast a year can go. Two thousand eighteen meant many changes for CESA 11 Head Start & Early Head Start. As we move into 2019, we are looking forward to what may come! We hope that you all enjoyed time with family and friends over the holiday season. A new year often means new resolutions. The health and wellness of our staff and the families we serve is a priority. We encourage you to find time to take care of yourselves!......

December 2018/January 2019 Communications Link

In October, we had an incredible opportunity to meet Dr. Bergeron, the
new Director of the Office of Head Start in Chicago! Dr. Bergeron has been
busy visiting all of the Head Start regions sharing her initiative “Receiving
School Readiness.” “Receiving School Readiness” is an initiative to connect
Head Start programs to school districts that will be receiving Head Start
students into kindergarten. CESA 11 Head Start has worked hard to
develop and maintain these relationships/partnerships over the years.
This initiative is not new to us; however.....

October/November 2018 Communications link

Fall is in the air, with a lot of rain and a few snowflakes! The first
month of school flew by. Children and families were busy meeting new
friends, learning routines, and building relationships. Staff continue to
create safe places for exploration, discussion, and learning.
Centers held their first parent meeting/café......

September 2018 Communications link

The 2018-19 program year is underway and many exciting opportunities
have occurred already. Classroom staff participated in training on the new
curriculum (Frog Street), staff joined together during All Staff to celebrate
each other and share creative ideas for....

June 2018 Communications link

“Parents create the environments and experiences in which learning happens, which makes them the first teachers their child will ever have” (author unknown). Head Start recognizes the important role parents play in their child’s learning. A special thank you to all of our parents this year for supporting your child’s learning  through reading, talking, and playing!......

May 2018 Communications link

“April showers bring May flowers”, we can only hope April snow works the
same way! It seems like it has been a long winter and it has been
wonderful to see the sunshine and feel the warmth of spring lately. May is
a transitional month for Head Start. Classroom children are preparing for
the next step of their journey, whether it is returning to Head Start or
moving on to the school district. Teachers are getting ready for the final
parent/teacher conference and....

April 2018 Communications link

CESA 11 Head Start received official notice that the organization qualifies to apply for a non-competitive 5-year grant award from the Office of Head Start. This designation means that the program does not have to compete for the upcoming 5-year grant cycle due to excellent performance in all monitoring reviews. Thank you......

March 2018 Communications link

March is here and, as always, things are buzzing! Enrollment and recruitment for the 2018-19 program year is off to a strong start. Parents continue to be our best recruitment tool and we thank them for their support. Staff participate in Child Find activities that happen in their service area to help spread the word about Head Start and Early Head Start......

February 2018 Communications Link

Planning for the Future . . . Looking Ahead, Looking Back
The CESA 11 management team met over the course of two days to begin the strategic planning process. In the next several months we will solicit input from staff, Policy Council, and the CESA 11 Board of Control. The goal is to develop 3-4 overarching program goals along with the steps/objectives needed to meet the goals. This is in preparation for the next 5-year grant cycle.

December 2017 January 2018 Communications Link

Season’s greetings,
Winter has arrived just in time for the upcoming holiday season!
This January we are excited to participate in the National Head Start Leadership training in Washington, D.C. Two Policy Council parents will be traveling to Washington to share their Head Start story with Wisconsin representatives. The program will also be embarking on strategic planning, developing a comprehensive community assessment, a wage comparability study, and developing new 5-year program goals........

November 2017 Communications Link

Last year CESA 11 Head Start applied for and received additional “Duration” funding to extend services from half-day to full-day for three year olds. As always, with big changes in programming, there are concerns about how these changes with affect children and staff. We are pleased to report that children are enjoying the full-day model.....

October 2017 Communications Link

From the Directors . . .
October is fast approaching and it is sure to bring colder weather which means coats, hats, and mittens will be abundant at school. Children are adjusting to the routines of school, making new friends and learning new things. Staff are completing home visits and developing relationships with families, and health and dental checks are underway to ensure children are free from health and dental concerns so they are ready to learn. The first round of parent meetings have occurred and plans are underway to schedule parent activities for parents and children to attend.

August/September 2017 Communications Link

From the Directors . . .
The new school year is here and you can feel the hustle and bustle in the air as everyone is getting ready to welcome children to our Head Start centers. It is such an exciting time for all of us as we look forward to meeting new children and families and working with our amazing community partners.
Over the summer, many new staff were hired to prepare for the new full-day preschool program for three year old children. We’ve hired over 15 people to fill a variety of positions to support the new programming. As always, we are grateful to all of our employees who work very hard.....

June/July 2017 Commuications Link

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of another school year. Children and families came to us in the fall with high hopes and expectations that we have worked very hard to fulfill together. All of the children enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start have made gains to ensure that they will be ready for their next school transition. According to the Parent Satisfaction Surveys, families report a high level of satisfaction with the educational services their children received and report that they too have gained new insight and knowledge about child development and personal goal setting.....

May 2017 Communications Link

April showers bring May flowers. April showers also bring excellent puddles for the children to enjoy during outside


This month we wish to share some important research from Harvard University Center on the Developing Child. The science of

early childhood development has been studied for years suggesting that responsive relationships and positive experiences

build strong “brain architecture”. Discoveries in neuroscience, molecular biology, and epigenetics explain how healthy

development happens, how it can be disrupted, and what can be done to fix it. Epigenetics is the study of potentially heritable

changes in gene expression that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. These important scientific findings


April 2017 Communications Link

Spring has arrived in typical Wisconsin fashion; cold, wet, sunny, snow, cold, wet….
It is the time of year that we begin to analyze program data to see what gains we have made, any road bumps that are out there, and determine course corrections. Data is routinely aggregated and analyzed throughout the year; however, now is the time of year when we create our self-assessment and develop program goals and objectives for the coming year. The quantitative data tells us one story, like the number of health checks that have been completed, where children have made gains educationally, etc. The most impactful data the program receives is the qualitative data, or the difference the program has made from the families’ perspective.......

March 2017 Communications Link

Time is flying by quickly. The beautiful weather and longer daylight hours bring thoughts of spring and warmer temperatures. This has been a busy winter and that will continue into spring.
Staff attended the WHSA 2017 Annual Conference and had wonderful things to say about the trainings offered there. Dr. Jean presented a keynote on literacy while Jon Walker’s keynote focused on leadership.....

February 2017 Communications Link

The National Head Start Association held their Winter Leadership Conference in Washington DC in January. Over 600 people Participated, and 3 of them were from CESA 11 Head Start: Sheri Norgard, Early Head Start Director; Brandi Warner, Health Coordinator; and Cheri Jacobson, Children's Services Coordinator......

December 01, 2016

December 2016 Communications Link

It is hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner. Winter has made an appearance with our first measurable snow fall (and freezing temperatures!). The fresh snow will give children plenty to do out in the play yards in the coming weeks and months of winter........

November 01, 2016

November 2016 Communication Link

As November (the month of thanks) approaches, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the terrific Head Start/Early Head Start staff that work tirelessly on behalf of children and families. This work would not be possible without the support of our outstanding community partners, many thanks.....

October 2016 Communications Link

What an exciting time to be involved in Head Start. In September, new Performance

Standards were issued marking the first major overhaul of the standards in years. As

directors, we are pleased with the new streamlined standards.

This month, Head Start staff and Policy Council Chair, along with other Wisconsin

programs, had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to attend .....

August - September 2016 Communications Link

Welcome back to our staff, children and families joining our Head Start family! Once again a summer has flown by and we are at the beginning of a new program year! We hope that you enjoyed time with friends and family, found time to relax, and made time to take care of yourselves.

June 01, 2016

June 2016 Communications Link

It is hard to believe how quickly the school year has passed and come to an end for our Head Start

children. We would like to thank our staff, families, children, and community partners for another stellar

year. As new Directors, we can’t adequately express how very proud we are of the work that is being

done on behalf of children and families by a very dedicated group of staff.......Read more

This month our program completed the final Federal Review in our 5-year grant cycle. The Early Head Start Comprehensive Services and School Readiness (CSSR) protocol focuses on the program’s performance in providing comprehensive services and promoting school readiness to children and families enrolled in Early Head Start........

March 20th was the first day of spring and, as we transition into this new

season, we are reminded of the many changes that have occurred over

this school year.  CESA #11 Head Start transitioned to new leadership, we

said “good-bye and thank you” to several Policy Council members while

welcoming new ones, and we had many new staff join our team!.....

March 2016 Communication Link

There have been so many wonderful things happening this past month in Head Start. The Directors traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the annual National Head Start conference. While there, Head Start members from across the country were treated to a congressional breakfast and had the opportunity to hear from members of Congress and Head Start alumni. Wisconsin Head Start delegates ascended on the Hill to visit Wisconsin Senators and Representatives and thank them for their bipartisan support allowing Congress to raise budget caps and provide a substantial increase for Head Start fiscal year 2016.....

February 2016 Communication Link

The holidays are behind us and staff are back working with and welcoming children and families. The month of January brings the process of recruitment and enrollment to the forefront.

December 2015 Communication Link

Happy holidays to all! The holiday season is a time when we reflect on the things we are thankful for. As directors of the Head Start program, we are very thankful for the families that entrust us with their children and participate in our programming, our very dedicated and hardworking staff, and our community partners....

November 2015 Communication Link

Head Start: Proud Past, Promising Future.  During the month of October, Head Start/Early Head Start
Directors, Beth Tilleson and Sheri Norgard, had the opportunity to attend the Region V Leadership and Professional Development Conference held in Chicago, IL. Directors, managers, staff, and parents from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin came together to celebrate 50 years of Head Start.....

October 2015 Communications Link

CESA #11 Head Start was fortunate to have the help of two UW-Stout students, Angela Lamer (undergrad in Psychology) and Brittany Batcher (Master’s program in Applied Psychology) to compile county wide data for the 2015 CESA #11 Community Assessment...

August/September 2015 Communication Link

Summer is a very busy time for Head Start and Early Head Start. Early Head Start staff are busy home visiting, enrolling new families, and providing socializations. Family Resource Providers are enrolling children for our 3 year old and 4K classrooms. ...

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