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The focus of Head Start health services is to prevent health problems whenever possible by carefully addressing the needs of enrolled children.  Because a healthy child is ready to learn, children in Head Start receive comprehensive health services, including immunizations, physical and dental exams and treatment, and nutritional services. 

We promote the development of a healthy body and mind. Our goal is to  ensure that every child is properly immunized, has dental and physical exams performed, and that all necessary follow-up is completed. This is a continual process throughout the year.  Successful partnerships with health and dental care providers are the key to the success of this approach. We  encourage and support families all along the way, assisting them in obtaining the proper medical care and in following medical recommendations.



Our agency conducts various medical screenings such as vision, hearing, blood pressure and height and weight measurements in order to identify and address all potential health concerns. The “Fun With Brandi” Health Screening Poster and Health Screener Newsletter can be downloaded below. They shows the equipment used in the hearing and vision screening processes and explains how it works.


Health Related Forms

Health Exam Form

Fun With Brandi Poster

Health Screener Newsletter

Health Check Periodicity Schedule

Oral Health Form





United Way - United Way 2-1-1 provides free and confidential health and human services information. 2-1-1 Minnesota partner call centers: United Way 2-1-1 through United Way of Greater Duluth, First Call 2-1-1, Great Rivers 2-1-1 and First Link North Dakota. Minnesota 2-1-1 also covers Douglas, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties in WI.


The What to Expect Foundation  educates and empowers moms in need so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries
and healthier, happier babies.

American Dental Association


Guide to Eating Healthy in College

WIC services and eligibility

Online access to government information on nutrition  Link to fun music and activities to promote healthy lifestyles Promotion and support of breastfeeding in WIC

Health Resources


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