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The Home Based program serves pregnant women, infants, toddlers, Head Start children and their families.


  • Home Based services utilize the home environment to help parents create rich learning opportunities that build on everyday routines and support their child’s development.

  • Families receive weekly home visits that consist of a parent/child activity, parent time, and planning time for future home visits

  • Families are offered 2 socializations per month. Socializations provide special opportunities for families and staff members to support child development and learning. Socializations build on the goals that re addressed during home visits as well as attend to the needs of both children and parents.

Early Head Start  Resources

National Resource Center

Zero to Three

Wisconsin Birth to Three

Wisconsin First Step

Polk County Birth to Three Program


The What to Expect Foundation  educates and empowers moms in need so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries and healthier, happier babies.

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