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Kudos from our parents:


"You truly make a difference in our children's lives.  They are learning every day, not just academics but about their importance and self worth.  We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to our children and all Head Start families"  


"You are all super because we see how much you love being at Head Start.  Everyone is so nice and accepting!"  

Our Philosophy

 CESA #11 Head Start’s philosophy is that children learn best when fully involved and self-directed in their learning.  This child-centered philosophy supports our belief that children are unique individuals who learn at different rates and in their own ways.  It is our responsibility to allow each child the opportunity to grow and develop to his/her fullest potential in the most nurturing environment possible.  In a child-centered classroom, children are encouraged to direct themselves among a variety of child initiated activities, arranged by the teaching staff.  Children learn by observing, exploring and interacting with materials and other people.  In this environment teaching staff function as facilitators, participators and observers of children.

             We believe parents are an integral part of the child’s learning process.  Open communication between teachers and parents is essential.  Both teacher and parents work together to plan and facilitate the educational goals for the child.  They assist teaching staff with classroom planning, special events, implementation of our curriculum and daily routines.

Our Teachers

CESA #11 Head Start employs highly qualified teachers who enjoy working with young children and their families. All teachers have an early childhood background with either an AA or BS degree. Many of our centers collaborate with local school districts to provide 4K education and teachers in those classrooms are all DPI licensed by the state of Wisconsin.

Our teachers provide on-going assessment and incorporate activities into the classroom that meet the unique needs of each child. Teachers are trained on Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS), The Pyramid Model (for social/emotional health), and the Head Start outcomes framework. Understanding the development of children, from birth to age five, enables teachers to be intentional and thoughtful in their daily interactions.

Children learn through play and our teachers recognize the importance of allowing children opportunities to investigate, explore, and manipulate their world. Our teachers are early learning advocates who spark the curiosity in children and instill a love of learning.

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