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Serving children and families in

Barron, Polk Chippewa, Dunn,

St. Croix, Pierce and Pepin Counties in Northwest Wisconsin.   

CESA #11 is a federally funded comprehensive school readiness program for children from birth to 5 and their families.   

What we do at CESA 11 Head Start has a positive impact on children, families and the communities in which we work. We are entrusted to educate our most precious resource: your children! It is an important responsibility and a great opportunity. More than 720 children and their families participate each year in a variety of school readiness and family engagement activities.  This multigenerational approach helps ensure that the children in our care are ready for school, parents are ready to support their child’s learning, and schools are ready for children.

Our vision is to create relationships and build collaborative partnerships within our communities that support and empower the unique potential of each Head Start child, family and staff member. We fulfill our vision daily by providing high quality, comprehensive preschool services to children and families in seven counties. 


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CESA #11

Head Start Central Office

225 Ostermann Drive

Turtle Lake, WI 54889​

​Tel: 715-986-2020 opt. 4

Beth Martin
Head Start Director

Ashley O'Brien 
Head Start Director


Head Start Advantage Documentary

This 18-minute documentary film explores the lives of Head Start children, parents, teachers, and alumni working to envision and create a better world for all Americans. Watch the film and you’ll get to know Head Start families throughout the country and see first-hand how the program has given more than 33 million Americans a head start on their education.

Watch children learn best through play!

Head Start Facts and Impact

Children that participate in Head Start programs receive innumerable benefits.  These advantages appear immediately, last a lifetimes and even have an effect on other generations...

Director Beth Tilleson featured in National Reading Month article on

Read Alongside Taye Diggs for National Reading Month

Actor Taye Diggs partnered with National Head Start Association to celebrate books and learning.  If you're looking for another way to celebrate National Reading Month with kids, the actor Taye Diggs has you covered.  He partnered with the National Head Start Association (NHSA) to promote family literacy and a love for books amoun America's youngest readers.... read more here


The next Policy Council Meeting will be Thursday, June 15, 2023  from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.   The regular meeting will be held via Zoom.  Agenda

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